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Reclaimed Industrial Dining Table in Modern Kitchen by BrixBespoke, Custom-made Rustic Furniture and On Site Projects

At Brix Design Works, we also specialise in crafting bespoke, made-to-measure furniture, bringing a touch of rustic and industrial aesthetics to your space.

Whether you're looking to add some character to your home, office space or coffee shop, we've got you covered.  

Our bespoke dining tables and matching bench sets stand as focal points in any dining space. You can choose from our rustic dining tables, made with reclaimed scaffold boards, to create an industrial aesthetic for your space.

To complement our tables, we produce rustic and industrial shelving units, T.V stands and media units. Using reclaimed scaffold boards, we can clad your walls or floor, create garden and outdoor seating, as well as create durable, unique shelves.

Our rustic wooden shelves, fashioned from reclaimed wood, provide a rustic, natural feel, while our industrial television stands add a touch of urban chic to any room.

At Brix Design Works, we are committed to sustainable practices. We use locally sourced reclaimed wood to produce our rustic furniture, units and shelves. Recycling timber and giving it new life and a new home.

Choose Brix Design Works for your furniture needs, and we will deliver pieces to match your vision, enhancing your space with bespoke, stylish, and sustainable solutions.

Brix Design Works - your premier choice for bespoke furniture in London and across the U.K.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your next project.


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